Portrait FAQ

Where will the portrait session take place?

More importantly, where do YOU want it to be? Do you like the idea of it being at home, the local gardens, a bush setting, somewhere with gorgeous views, or my studio? I’m always on the lookout for new locations, so I may also have some fun, last-minute suggestions for you to consider!

What to wear?

Focus on complimentary tones, beautiful texture and simplicity so that YOU shine in your photographs. Try to coordinate, but avoid being too matchy-matchy. Try to avoid large brand names and pictures on clothing – I know this can be difficult for kids but nothing dates a photo more than a massive Bob the builder logo 😉
Cover the bits you don’t like, make the most of the bits you do like. And ALWAYS wear your favourite clothing, the clothes that make you feel amazing – because if you feel it, then it will shine through in the photographs.

And what about hair?

The week (or day) before a photo session is definitely the wrong time to get an experimental do! If possible, get haircuts at least a week before the shoot in a style you like. It might take a few days to grow into (or fond of) a haircut. This buffer allows for some growth, tweaks and perfections to the hairstyle prior to your session.

What can we expect?

Fun is not O P T I O N A L. This shoot will be full-on fun, complete with laughs, hugs, play time, and plenty of tickling. There won’t be any need to fake having a good time. When you’re with loved ones, exuberance and spontaneity take over and that’s when we get the most natural, exciting images.

What should I bring?

Bring whatever you think will make life easier – toys, snacks that aren’t too messy (or likely to stain a clean outfit!). A change of outfit (or a few) can come in handy. Wet wipes …nappies …hair product …the kitchen sink if you like! I’ve also always got wipes and napkins on hand if you forget them.

How long will it take?

The shoot will take around 1 – 1½ hours. This should allow us to get the perfect amount of images with variety and we may even have time for a wardrobe change.

What if my little angels aren’t so angelic on the day?

It’s all good. I work quickly to capture natural images, so the session won’t feel like a chore or a bore to even the most hectic toddler. This will be a super safe place for your family to have fun in.
In the lead-up, you can get your tribe excited about the shoot by talking it up. It really will be a time for fun and togetherness (so no need for lies or bribes!)
Oh, and take a chill pill. This is going to be fun for you, too. If you’re relaxed, the kids will be comfortable, and this means we’ll get the best shots.

Our family events ALWAYS bring the rain. What will we do if the weather’s bad?

Outdoor shoots offer the best light and surroundings for your portraits. But, if Mother Nature threatens to rain on our parade, don’t worry, we have options:

Plan A: When it’s obvious a cats and dogs downfall is on the way, we’ll reschedule.
Plan B: We can always pick an alternate indoor or undercover venue.
Plan C: Adventurous? Grab the gumboots and umbrellas and let’s make it rain!

What time of day do you recommend?

For outdoor portraits, I like to shoot in the afternoons – especially during the last 60-90 minutes before the sun sets. This special window, known to photographers as “the Golden Hour” is when the light from the sun is at its most perfect. It creates a flattering glow and deliciously warm portraits. Times will always vary depending on the seasons and daylight savings.

Morning sessions are also a favourite, especially in Summer – before it gets too warm and children are happy and not tired out from the day. I’m sure you’ll agree that lunch and nap times are best to steer clear of for everyone’s sake!

For babies its important to schedule sessions at times to suit your baby’s feed and sleep times, so be sure to discuss your baby’s routine when you make a booking.

Can we bring our pet?

Absolutely! Fur babies are most welcome. If you bring your pup along, make sure they get some brisk exercise before coming. This will allow for a (hopefully) slightly calmer canine during your shoot.

What if a lurgy strikes?

If you’re sick, we reschedule! Simple as that 🙂
We want this to be a 1000% positive experience, so there’s no need to force it if one of you can’t leave the tissues (or the bathroom!).
Never ever schedule a session in the week after a vaccination. Children are always a little out of sorts for up to a week after and its best to avoid if possible.

How much will it cost all up?

This is one of “those how long is a piece of string” questions. It really depends on what kind of art you want to make with your images. I have an initial session fee of $100 and then it’s really up to you in terms of the display options (the more irresistible the images, the more you’ll want to show them off). Check out my products/pricing page for some ideas).

Do you use Photoshop?

Image editing is part of the process of making portrait works of art. A lot of it will be to enhance the light, colour and contrast but it won’t be used to alter the way anyone looks. Natural is nicer.

Need more information?

There are no silly questions. Contact me to discuss your individual needs.

Located in Albury, New South Wales, Australia