About Briony

My name is Briony Hardinge (pronounced Bri-nee Har-dinj)

I’m crazy obsessed with beautiful light, forehead kisses, upside down moments and telling stories with my camera.

I didn’t intend to be a photographer, to be honest, but on the way through my graphic design degree, something happened. I discovered how much I loved to create and communicate using my camera, the natural light and….the people. I’m so very thankful for the beautiful people I meet every day and the moments I can capture for them.

The studio was originally established in 1978 by Rod Hardinge (often mistaken for my dad but is very much my father in law). I took over the reins in 2003 and took an already thriving company and enhanced it with family portraits that became as popular as the wedding side of the business.

This is my story – I would love to tell yours 🙂

Located in Albury, New South Wales, Australia