Hardinge Photography » Hardinge Photography is a wedding and portrait studio based in Albury, NSW. Photography by Briony Hardinge.

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My Style

For a long time, I thought the most beautiful art came from illustration. It wasn’t until around two years into my Graphic Arts degree; I discovered a whole new way to create interesting visual imagery using people that were real, not drawn.

I have no magic formula or checklist for what we are going to do in your wedding or family photo sessions. Like life itself, it’s better when we make things up as we go along; getting to know you and, capturing what happens along the way.

So, let’s go outside and enjoy the day, the natural light, have some fun and let my camera tell the story.

That means we can hold the cheese. We can keep awkward, clichéd poses to a minimum. We’re going to keep it real and relaxed. No rules and no worries – if you want to lie down on the grass and look at the clouds or get a piggyback or stop to check out a centipede, it’s allowed (and encouraged). Just be yourself.

You already know good photography when you see it, so take a look around this website and my galleries to get a feel for what you will get from Hardinge Photography. Your wedding or family photography will be beautiful and different and lovable.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

About Briony

Located in Albury, Briony is your go-to photographer for wedding and portrait pictures with a unique twist. She didn’t intend to be a photographer to be honest, but on the way to her graphic design degree, something happened. She discovered what a blast it was to create art using her camera, the natural light and…. people. She bounces off personalities, and styles the photographs to suit the subjects – not the other way around.

After running the business side of Hardinge Photography for many years, Briony took over her father in law’s studio in 2003 and took an already thriving company and enhanced it with family portraits that became as popular as the wedding side of the business.

“After every wedding it’s no exaggeration to say I am physically exhausted. I throw myself entirely into the day – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”