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My name is Briony Hardinge and my portrait and wedding studio is located in Albury, NSW. I specialise in family portrait photography - including baby, children and couple photography. I also take a limited number of weddings each year.


I have no magic formula or checklist for what we are going to do in family photo sessions. Like life itself, it’s better when we make things up as we go along; getting to know you and, capturing what happens along the way.

So, let’s go outside and enjoy the day, the natural light, have some fun and let my camera tell the story.

That means we can hold the cheese. We can keep awkward, clichéd poses to a minimum. We’re going to keep it real and relaxed. No rules and no worries – if you want to lie down on the grass and look at the clouds or get a piggyback, it’s allowed (and encouraged). Just be yourself.


You already know good photography when you see it, so take a look around this website and my galleries to get a feel for what you will get from Briony Hardinge Photography. Whether it be your wedding or family photography - it will be beautiful and different and loveable.


I'm looking forward to getting to know you!


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About Briony


I didn’t intend to be a photographer, to be honest, but on the way through my graphic design degree, something happened.


I discovered how much I loved to create and communicate using my camera, the natural light and….the people.


I'm so very thankful for the beautiful people I meet every day and the moments I can capture for them.

Located in Albury, New South Wales, Australia